Rules & Entry

If you are confused about any rules, please check out our FAQ or contact us on Discord and we’ll do our best to clarify any confusions. We have a dedicated channel for asking questions!

  • Always respect your fellow peers and contestants! If any issues arise that cannot be solved privately, please get in touch with an Organizer via our #support-tickets channel in Discord.

  • Keep contents in the OCT PG13— if necessary, use the appropriate filters or a spoiler tag if posting on Discord.

  • Follow community rules posted in the “Community Rules” tab & Discord server’s #info channel when interacting with us and the community on Discord, our wiki, and any Summer Leagues social media accounts.

  • Please direct questions to the #questions channel in the Discord after reading through FAQs. Personal questions (such as help with your wiki account or specific OC content questions) can be asked via #support-tickets.

  • It is highly recommended you join the Discord group–if not for the community, at least for notifications!


Disregarding conduct rules & content guidelines will result in a warning; repeated violation will end in at least disqualification, if not a ban.

The God Eater’s Crossroads isn’t exactly the most appropriate of places; it gets a PG13 rating. Please put content warnings where necessary.

We are allowing:
  • Strong language

  • Sexual themes* & limited artistic nudity

  • Blood & violence

  • Substance abuse

(*Not acceptable in relation to depictions of minors or characters that “just look young”.)

We will not accept:
  • Pornographic or fetishistic material
  • Excessive amounts of gore

  • Putting opponents’ characters in romantic, sexual, or other boundary-pushing situations without artist permission (do not push them on it if they say no)

  • Killing or maiming opponents’ characters without explicit permission to do so

Tab 3

These rules are copied from our community Discord & extend to our wiki & social media account interactions.

1. Be respectful
Personal abuse, harassment or discriminatory remarks of any nature are not allowed. Communities are made up of people from many backgrounds and countries, so conflicts in communication can arise. General rule of thumb: If someone asks to stop a discussion, please drop the topic.
2. Do not spam the chat
  • DISCORD: Don’t spam members please. It’s alright to tag people for something you want them to see, just try not to ping someone constantly. (Please don’t try to use it as a summoning circle.)
  • WIKI: Spamming comments on our wiki pages will result in a loss of comment privileges for violators or the wiki as a whole.
3. Do not post NSFW content (or disturbing imagery)
Use your common sense and best judgement.
  • DISCORD: As per Discord’s ToS, lolicon, shotacon, and cub content in any nsfw capacity will not be tolerated and will result in an instant ban. #art will be a little more lenient (except for the aforementioned content), but do not share porn. A spoiler tag is recommended for suggestive pieces.
  • WIKI: Our wiki content is subject to Dreamhost’s & Amazon Web Services’s ToS. Questionable content will be removed as soon as possible.

Extreme gore is not allowed. But because this is a fighting tournament, some images will get gory– if you’re unsure if something is excessive, use a spoiler tag!

4. Keep conversations relevant to the channels
  • DISCORD: Check the Server Directory post for all channel topics.
  • WIKI: Keep conversations relevant to the page they reside on.
5. Mods (Organizers) have final say
Please understand, the organizers of the server reserve the right to take measures to make sure everyone is enjoying their time and are comfortable. Do not share personal information or ask for the personal information of others, including age. THIS INCLUDES TROLLING. The mods reserve the right to mute you for increasingly extended lengths of time if the behavior is continued. Any kind of flirtatious or sexual conversations including or discussing a minor, even if hinting at it or joking about it, will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.
6. Do not ban evade or use alt. accounts
Ban evasion/dodging will result in an immediate ban of your new account. Alt. accounts are considered evasive behavior (even when not evading a ban) and suspicious to the organizers, especially when used to join community events like the tournament. Bragging about tricking the judges or others using an alt. account will result in a ban.
7. Other OCT discussions…
  • DISCORD: Try to keep all OCT talk limited to Summer Leagues. You can talk about past OCTs as long as it’s not badmouthing them. Please refrain from advertising or suggesting other OCTs, especially during our open Audition periods. Other OCTs may be promoted in self-promo once, preferably if you are a judge or host of that tournament.
  • WIKI: Other OCTs may be mentioned on character pages to reference previous OCT appearances and/or character growth and cameos. Pages on our wiki dedicated entirely to other OCTs will be removed.
Let an organizer resolve conflict
If any problems in the server arise, please first contact an organizer to handle the situation via #support-tickets.



Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning. Further violations will result in a temporary 3 day ban. Any other violation afterwards results in a permanent ban.

Past problems are not to be discussed publicly if they occur. If you made a mistake, got temporarily banned, and came back after– it’s okay! We all make mistakes, especially when joining a new community. No need to apologize when you get back, just a “hey I’m back!” and we all move on, no worries! 

How to Enter

You may participate in Summer Leagues OCT as a Competitor OR  Judge; please follow the respective role rules.

You may not participate in Summer Leagues OCT’s Cross Tournament if you are already involved in 2 or more OCTs as a competitor at the time that our auditions close & judging begins. We will not let you overburden yourself with OCTs– OCTs are a large time commitment. Thank you for understanding. 




It is required for your rounds to include:
  1. Starting the “battle” between your character & your opponent’s character in a Crossroads arena
  2. Your character defeating your opponent’s character; satisfying a win condition


Please note that there are no ring-outs by leaving the main fighting arena; you don’t lose unless you’re knocked out, give up the tag, or lose to an alternate win condition.


Win conditions include:
  • Rendering the opponent’s fighter unconscious/incapacitated (may include death if permitted by the opponent)

  • Stealing the opponent’s tag and keeping it from them for 30 seconds (the MC, Miss X, will count down and call it)

  • Or alternative agreed-upon match conditions approved by the God Eater
    • The God Eater will approve anything she finds amusing & sufficiently challenging between the two teams. If you wish to check the alternative match conditions with an Organizer, you may, but it is not required.
    • An alternative match condition should challenge both teams and not give one team a large advantage.
    • Teams may discuss alternative match conditions outside of the arena before a match, or immediately before the start of the match in the arena.
    • Alternative match conditions must be set before the battle begins by informing the God Eater or Miss X; whether the details are elaborated upon chronologically in an entry before the battle is up to your discretion as a creator, but it should be established that the match has an alternative win condition.


Feel free to use OUR JUDGING RUBRIC as a set of guidelines for how to handle your character’s story and balance it with your opponent’s character.
Competitor Character Guidelines

We are accepting teams of 1-2 characters: 1 FIGHTER character and 1 ASSIST character; although you only need to have a fighter in order to compete! (Please note that the God Eater is only gifting 1 wish for an overall tournament win, even if it’s a team of 2!)

A team can have its members switch between fighter & assist roles only between matches— the fighter must be determined before the match begins.

Role: Fighter
  • Fighters will are active during a match and tied to the win condition of that match. If the fighter becomes incapacitated or otherwise indisposed according to the match’s win conditions, the team will lose the match.

  • The fighter is distinguished by being the character currently carrying the team’s tag.


Role: Assist
  • Assists are present during a match and can help their fighter take down the other team’s fighter to win the match.

  • An assist being incapacitated or otherwise indisposed does not prevent their fighter from winning the match for both of them.

*For 2-in-1 characters, since they share a body, both are considered the fighter. 2-in-1 characters count as 2 separate characters due to dealing with separate personalities.

SUPPORTER Characters

Supporters can have helpful, but limited, passive abilities like buffs/debuffs/heals for use outside of matches. Supporters can also have no utility outside of being used to push character development and plots! Feel free to have more fun in exploring the role of the supporter, but be wary of bloating your cast and struggling to manage the quantity of characters.

Our “supporter” character role has been referred to as “tag-alongs” or “spectators” in past OCTs.




Limitations on OCs:
  • Age Floor: Fighter & assist characters must be at least 16 years old (human years) to participate– we don’t allow kids to fight in potential death tournaments! (Must be old enough to sign a waiver.)

  • No fan characters– this means characters that are currently made to fit into the universe of a published work you do not own. If they used to be in this state, but were altered, that is permissible.

  • No God Mods or Gary/Mary Sues. Characters can be strong, but not overpowered– there needs to be challenges during the rounds. Gary/Mary Sues with their universe-bending abilities are just poorly-written power fantasies, and we do not wish to see those.

    • The God Eater does not allow characters more powerful than herself to appear in the Crossroads, for various reasons.


  • Supporters & Self-created NPCs: Feel free to have these, but please recognize the additional strain having many characters can put on writing. Try to limit yourself to creating only what is necessary to tell your story or elaborate on the world. Supporters & Self-created NPCs are not expected to be utilized by an opponent during rounds, they exist for you to help yourself if needed.

  • If you are unsure an OC would be acceptable and/or want to check power balance, feel free to open #support-tickets one of the Organizers on Discord.



 Competitor Reference Sheet Guidelines:

Please note that writers are not required to have a visual reference sheet! You must include vivid descriptions of characters and items, however. Writers may also link outside images to refer to as visual reference. (Feel free to commission visual references to submit if you so desire.)


Each character competing in the OCT is required to have a reference sheet on our OCT’s wiki. Please use our character sheet template to build your ref. You may have an existing character reference outside of the wiki; feel free to link it to your character’s wiki page. We ask that all characters have a wiki page for everyone’s convenience. The wiki is our OCT’s gallery and has a search feature. You’ll find a quick guide on implementing templates under the “Submit” tab.


Please include the following details:

  • Front & back art, colored. (If not flat colors, have a palette handy!)

  • Name, Gender/Sex/Pronouns (whatever you wish), Race, Age, Height & Weight.

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Personality, Backstory, Abilities, Items– please include the Tag accessory that will be used in the audition.

  • If using 2 OCs, include a description of their relationship with one another.


round deadlines current on the wiki homepage

Submit Rounds via Google Form


round submission checklist
  1. Follow Round requirements under “Rounds” tab and Medium Guidelines!
  2. Update your Creator page with a link to the round submission
  3. Submit links through our Google Form before the deadline!
Audition Submission Checklist
  1. WIKI— Create a Chapter under your medium’s Book on the wiki. Title the chapter with your character’s name and include your username in the description.
    1. Create Creator Template
    2. Create Character Reference(s)
      – Include drawn refs if submitting for comics or animation
           –  Link submission to the Creator Template
           –  Does the audition include the team accepting the invite, showing up in Crossroads & meeting an NPC?
  3. Submit links through our Google Form before the deadline 

If there’s any confusion on the wiki format, please see our 2021 Writer League archive as an example to follow.



Create a reference page for your character on the wiki under your Chapter. Title should be your character’s name in [brackets] followed by “Reference”. [Template]

(ie. “[Vilivian] Reference”) 

Create a Creator’s page on the wiki [SoloDuo] under your Chapter. Title should be your Character’s name.

(ie. “Vilivian” or “Piano & Forte”)

How to use a template on the Wiki

First, create the page by navigating to your medium’s Book, then “Add a Chapter” or “+ New Chapter” if you haven’t created your Chapter already.

In your Chapter, “Create a New Page” or “+ New Page” to create a fresh page. Then we’ll apply the template.

Desktop view– on the sidebar on the right, click the [=] icon. This brings up the Templates tab. Click on the desired template to apply it to the page– WARNING: This deletes existing page content. Copy existing information to another file to save that information before overwriting the page.



Summer Leagues OCT’s tournament is officially called “Cross Tournament” both in-universe and out of the universe.

Once you enter with a particular medium, you must continue to use it throughout the competition. Please note that the Tournament will run no longer than 3 rounds (regardless of the number of people that join). Pick what you are comfortable with for working in for an audition & potentially 3 rounds. For further clarification on this tournament’s format, please see our About page.

  • You may work alone or team up with 1 other person; you are free to have additional people review your work for feedback or delegate some of your work through commissions, but you must credit commissioned work and mention it in the entry’s description.

    • AI generation is allowed in very limited capacity during the creation process; unless you have a personal tool trained on your work to assist yourself, AI work should not be in any final submissions. (It can help flesh-out scripts, but be warned– even ChatGPT generates very stiff, exposition-heavy dialogue.)
  • You may have 2 characters; please follow the guidelines in the “OC Guidelines” tab.

  • Killing or maiming opponent’s characters is allowedbut you must get permission from your opponent to do so. We allow violence and sensitive themes in the OCT, but you must respect your opponent’s wishes if they do not want their character depicted a certain way.

  • Rounds have multiple win conditions; please see the “Rounds” tab for more details.




Round Duration

Round length minimums vary by medium;

  • Written rounds are at minimum 4 weeks long
  • Comic rounds are at minimum 5 weeks long
  • Animation rounds are at minimum 6 weeks long

Each round is eligible for at least 1 extension of a week, dependent on competitors’ statuses; further flexibility is possible if needed. If emergencies arise, contact an Organizer or Judge ASAP.

Note: Grace Periods are 12 hours after a deadline to account for differing time zones. A deadline will always have this grace period duration.


We are judging mostly based on good foundations of storytelling & execution. For more details, you can see the rubric we are using here

  1. Your character(s) accepting the fox familiar’s invite to compete– thus gaining a “tag”.
  2. Your character(s) showing up in Crossroads
    • Your character(s) may travel to Crossroads with their own abilities or means, or the fox familiar can provide transportation via a portal.
  3. Your character(s) “check-in” with an NPC–

Anything else you’d like to show regarding story or characters is up to you! The audition is a great opportunity to introduce your character(s) and world before your character(s) need to share the spotlight with your opponent(s) in future rounds!




After defeating a competitor in the tournament, their collected tags will be added to yours–an evolved accessory appearance is up to you.


In the past, tags have commonly been depicted as a simple golden bell on a red string bracelet or necklace.

  • Alternative tag designs should be similar in size to a trinket; if the tag takes the form of a weapon, it should be no bigger than a revolver or kitchen knife.



The ghostly white tails that mark an accepted competitor match the markings of the God Eater and her familiars’ tails. These tails are visible only to the God Eater and NPCs.

  • After accepting the tournament invite, your OC will have 1 tail.
    • A round 1 winner will have 2 tails; round 2 will have 4 tails; and round 3 will have all 8 tails.
  • There is no benefit or detriment to the competitor’s abilities, regardless of the number of tails– it is meant for NPCs to have a visual cue to your OC’s status. Whether or not there is a plot point to the purpose of the tails is up to you! If one exists, the God Eater won’t easily reveal it~
If you make it past auditions, you’ll receive:
  • A competitor headshot from Vashle–ex. from 2021
  • Discord role reflecting your league for the season


If you win your first round, you’ll receive:
  • A competitor chibi from Vashle–ex. from 2021


If you win your second round, you’ll receive:
  • A competitor portrait from Vashle–ex. from 2021
  • Custom role & icon in the Discord community with a title based on your character(s).


If you win your third round, you’ll receive:
  • Custom charm from Minty
  • Wiggly OC .GIF from Minty
  • Experimental piece of your choosing from Vashle
  • 2023 Cross Champion Discord role, reflecting your victory!



If you’d like to contribute a prize to the pool, please reach out to an organizer on Discord through DMs or our #support-tickets.

Each entry (ie. each round & audition) should abide by the following guidelines, respective of their medium:

All submissions must be in English.


Maximum length: 60 pages*

Submission type: PDF

Style: Narrative prose is expected, but feel free to include poems or other literary styles.


  • 1.5 – 2 line spacing
  • 10-12 font size
  • Can include up to 3 illustrations to help flesh out imagery– but this is not a substitute for descriptions, only to add to the atmosphere. *These illustration pages are not included in the 60 page length, so a 63 page submission with 3 illustrations is acceptable.

Comic artists

Maximum length: 50 pages or 300 panels

Accepted Reading Orders: 

  • Left-to-Right (Western)
  • Right-to-Left (Eastern) 
  • Hierarchical (Top-Down) is recommended for webtoon-style comics.


  • All speech bubble text should be typed
  • Pages, strips, or website comics are accepted
    • Multi-paged entries must be linked together if not in a PDF or webtoons-style format (ie. Cubari)
  • Visually readable at a glance with clear speakers and action

Recommended submission types: PDF, (with image hosting of your choice), website, or an alternative easily-scrollable viewing experience.

Post to webtoons or tapas at your own discretion– these may not be reliable hosts.

  • We are not accepting comics on Twitter (or equivalent difficult experience) as the final submission. If we have to open each page in a different tab to zoom in and be able to read it, it is not acceptable.

Artists that are used to DA for OCTs — we heavily encourage trying with github for its gist feature. The time spent learning Cubari is better used (and faster) than linking individual comic pages on DA.


Maximum length: 25 minutes

Submission type: Video

This medium includes animation, animatics, and video game-style entries (Visual Novels, RPGs, etc.) due to the added elements of audio and time. Even if an entry is interactive, the final submission should include a recorded playthrough video that falls under the maximum length timeframe.


  • Include subtitles, even if you have voice actors (embedded or on the video player)
  • Minimum resolution: 480p
  • FPS minimum: None


Try to avoid using copyrighted music to prevent against DMCA takedowns, but copyrighted music will not disqualify entries.



We’re accepting helper judges in running this OCT and its leagues– if you apply, you won’t be expected to judge more than 1 league (8 competitors max), starting with round 1. We ask that judges be communicative and allocate some free time around the round ends of their league to judge entries.

Google form application— the deadline is approximately 3 weeks before the end of the auditioning period. The form includes a small “test” judgement on an old round from the Organizer’s history in your chosen medium– the test is to gauge how closely your decisions match the Organizers’, so that our rubric is interpreted relatively consistently.


Judges will pick a preferred medium to preside over & a backup. Please choose mediums you are comfortable with analyzing critically.



  • Judges shouldn’t outwardly show favoritism (ie. “Character Z is my favorite!”), but feel free to compliment people’s work! Try to act appropriately in the Discord, we do hold responsibility in acting at a level that shows we have a good sense of judgement. 🙂

Tab 2

Tab 3

You’re permitted to have 1 judge NPC if you are accepted as a candidate for judging. These NPCs are for flavor, and considered to be “minor” in the sense that they must have no mechanical influence over the tournament. Your NPC will be more prominent in your league’s reality, but they can show up in other realities.

Examples of admissible NPCs:
Examples of inadmissible NPCs:
  • A character who changes the rules of how matches are won.

  • A traveler who offers powerful magic items that significantly alter/add to competitor abilities during combat– this creates power imbalances.

    • Selling minor buffing/debuffing potions is okay, just nothing absolutely game-changing or heavily tilting in favor of 1 competitor. The God Eater wants to see the competitors show their abilities, not a fancy staff they picked up along the way.

  • A character that alters the plot of the official prompt (ie. someone who gets into a power struggle with the God Eater, either from within the town or as an outside threat).

Judge NPC Reference Guidelines:

Note that judges for writing do not need visual refs. Please include vivid descriptions & links to reference photos instead.

Each character in the OCT is required to have a reference sheet on our OCT’s wiki. Please use our character sheet template to build your ref. You may have an existing character reference outside of the wiki; feel free to link it to your character’s wiki page. We ask that all characters have a wiki page for everyone’s convenience. The wiki is our OCT’s gallery.


Please include the following details:

  • Front & back art, colored. (If not flat colors, have a palette handy!)

  • Name, Title (optional), Job, Hobby.

  • Gender/Sex/Pronouns (whatever you wish), Race, Age, Height & Weight.

  • Personality, Location, Backstory, Job description & skills.


2023 Judge NPCs will be featured here on the wiki.

Judge Application
2023 Helper Judge Application PERIOD:
Friday nov 10th, 2023 THROUGH Sunday jan 7th, 2024 @ 11:59PM EST 

  • OPTIONAL: NPC reference sheet
    • 2023 NPCs – Wiki page for the NPC 
    • Drawn refs if judging for comics or animation


  • Final submission through our Google Form
    • Small judge test (est. <= 1 hour)



Create a reference page for your character on the wiki under your Chapter. Title should be your character’s name in [brackets] followed by “Reference”. [Template]


How to use a template on the Wiki

First, create the page by navigating to the 2023 NPC book, then “Create a New Page” or “+ New Page” to create a fresh page. Then we’ll apply the template.

Desktop view– on the sidebar on the right, click the [=] icon. This brings up the Templates tab. Click on the desired template to apply it to the page– WARNING: This deletes existing page content. Copy existing information to another file to save that information before overwriting the page.


If you stick with us for the duration of the tournament (all 3 rounds), you’ll receive:

  • A half-body commission from Vashle– examples below